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Learning on the others’ best practice experience we know at the very beginning what we want and what we don’t. This “WE WANT” means “Being different”. That “WHAT WE DON’T WANT” means:

  • To be fierce opposition to the modern conception of politics where nowadays the widespread belief of professional politicians establish business relationship with voters, which means power and money for the parties and that something, if it has to, is offered to the citizens. We want to make citizen's initiatives more obligatory for our deputies and other political officials.
  • To make belonging to this or that party not to ever grant the amnesty from responsibility for violation of the Constitution and the law, and certainly not our local government and public communal enterprise, that daily omissions endanger the health of all of us and, at the same time, are not responsible for that to anyone.
  • To turn the media partocracy into the media, serving the interests of citizens. Because for this kind of partocracy, media have lost all sense of the citizens’ interests and become almost exclusively reserved for politicians. That is easy to identify by simple comparison of the space dedicated to the politicians and those dedicated to the citizens in any of them.
  • Not to be small but the organization with numerous members and experts in the various fields sustainable development according to the UNSD standardization.
  • Not to be elite and weak but mass and strong organization with enough intellectual but also the living strength to induce people going towards to the changes modern civil society needs.
  • Not to be organization limited on the only one field of expertise, because the living doesn’t obey this rule and living challenges have never been in only one field. This decision was motivated also by dilemma: “How can you respond to the living challenges unless you approach them from many but not from the only one angle.”
  • Not to be limited on the one or two target groups. For the instance, we are not an organization specialized to work with children, but are dealing with them also, because we think the participation in theirs journey to the adults’ world is too much important to miss it. Whether we’re still going to live t in the partocracy or not depends on our today work with them.

Non-government organization, ANTIMONOPOLY RIGHT NOW – LUSTRATION IMMEDIATELY, was founded by free will of its founders, in Belgrade on March 25th 2002.  At the very beginning of its activity Organization was focused on antimonopoly policy and lustration, but in the last five years it transform itself in the multi disciplinary organization working in all three areas of the sustainable development according to the UNSD standardization.  This is impossible mission without much bigger citizens’ influences related the public policies than it is now. This is particularly concerning the all activities and public policies in the public health improvement such as primary waste selection and other aspects of the environment protection, poverty reduction, justice accessibility, possibilities of the participation in political decisions making and so long.

Key services and skills
Our priority is the synergetic concept for management and creating a center of sources for “tailor made” professional solution of any kind of sustainable development’s activities without copy paste variants. We believe in the power of direct citizens’ decisions making, public initiatives and referendum kinds of making decisions, teamwork and strength of various knowledge of our members and consultants. Ours experts and associates are ready to meet any project, from idea, to the implementation, mentoring, training and development and in a lot of cases, mentoring the whole procedure of business closer and practical project implementation, but always and only if it for the general society benefits and for the empowerment of citizens’ influence on the public policies.